Misfits of the Fringe

Dax Private Journal

Entry 3

WOW has a lot happened since my last pseudo journal. I finally have some time to write, while we make our way to Raxus Prime. Where to start where to start. Oh how about the fact that that stoopa pilot wrecked our old ship and now we are all crammed into this “new” one that we were lucky enough to …liberate… from some rebel driods. I guess i shouldn’t be too hard on him, but I am just so angry that someone stole my battle droid _. At least i finished my probe droid, and we were able to liberate some junked droids from that horrible mining facility. Savrae seemed particularly happy about the chef droid, who we hope will have a better kitchen soon. We picked up a new companion along the way, Caine, I am glad he helped rescue me and Savrae from that hut, but I worry about him. Sometimes I think its great having him along but other times I feel he is no more than a … doompa D’emperiolo stoopa. I really hope he gets over that tho. Sigh… I can’t get over our most recent battle. We were on the way back to the ship and got attacked. It felt weird from the start but it turned out there was another person like me but he was fighting us. I was shocked, I know if it were me I would have stopped and talked to me, I would love the chance to meet another force sensitive, I know its dangerous for us to group, but I didn’t expect him to attack us. I dunno maybe he did wanna talk, but they killed him before he got the chance. I’m still mixed up about it. I want to talk about it with the others, but I can’t trust anyone but Savrae. But I can’t get any privacy in this new little echuta slankpa!!! Oh well, I will just have to try and keep my calm, and meditate. I am so happy i was able to expand my abilities some in prison by just relaxing staying calm and meditating. I definitely will work harder on expanding them more, we have some time before getting to Raxus, although i don’t know if i can find any room to get privacy. oh well, thats all i can squeeze in for now, I have to make sure nobody sees me typing in my journal. not that they could break my encryption but just to be safe.



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