Durga Besadii Tai

You owe me, human. Do not test my might.


The heir apparent to the Besadii clan of Hutts, Durga Besadii Tai is young, ambitious, and powerful. With the means that his father, Aruk, has put at his disposal, Durga has begun to make a name for himself in the underworld and among the kajidics. Unlike their bitter rivals in the Desilijic clan, the Besadii do not spend their considerable fortunes on ostentatious living quarters or droves of servants. Durga is concerned with influence, first and foremost, and will stop at nothing to increase his own standing.

Many years ago, when Durga was approached by a young human racer seeking a loan, he agreed to sponsor the boy in return for a substantial share of the winnings (in addition to loan payments and interest, of course). Thus, Alister Remex began his racing career and his prolonged service to the Hutt.

After years of racing, Alister was nearly free of his debt. On the eve of the Tarisian Classic, Durga sent word that Alister was to lose the race. As a favorite, the odds were stacked considerably in his favor, and Durga stood to make a significant amount of money by betting against him. However, when the time came, Alister’s reckless pride wouldn’t allow him to throw the race. He won, and gained many accolades, but that bold decision put him even deeper into debt. His share of future racing winnings would barely pay the interest on this new sum, and so Alister began a career in smuggling illicit goods.

Durga constantly reminds the young smuggler of his obligations to the Hutt. He is patient, to a point, but expects to be paid regularly and will not hesitate to threaten or take action if the payments lapse. He is a powerful patron – and if crossed, he will be a powerful enemy.

Durga Besadii Tai

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