Misfits of the Fringe

Exotic Cargo

Easy come, easy go.

Things never go smooth.

It seemed like a straightforward charter. Taxi work for a Rattataki woman and a few crates of weapons. As it turns out, she’s the second-in-command of a Hutt (not too surprising, considering she was booking passage to Nar Shaddaa). So we transport her quickly, and she offers us additional work. Says that her patron wants a rare animal, and that she made a deal with some people on Tatooine to obtain a baby Krayt Dragon and some eggs.

Well, as you can imagine, that’s far from our usual cargo. But she was offering quite a bit, and we were all running low on credits, so we took the job. Went to Tatooine, picked up the crates, and fought off a few hostile sand people on our way out. One of the incubators was broken, so I did a quick repair on it (quite well, I might add), and we were on our way. When we arrived on Nar Shaddaa, however, the port where we were slated to land was in flames. With a little investigation, we found out that a rival Hutt named Noako had launched an attack on Sinasu (our employer at the time). So we went to find the Rattataki woman, who had been hospitalized, and once she was out of the bacta tank, she told us where Sinasu’s safe house was.

We navigated down into the industrial sector, and found Sinasu and his men. Once we offloaded the Krayt dragon and the eggs, I approached Sinasu for our payment. It was then that a ship full of mercenaries flew in and stormed the facility. The last thing I remember was seeing a man in Mandalorian armor level his rifle and unleash a stun bolt.

When I came to, it was just me and Dax, locked in a dingy cell. Days passed, and I thought we were done for. Especially me. Dax, he can live on the kind of food they kept shoving into our gate, but that kind of stuff makes me sick. Our people just can’t eat everything that humans can. The few times that we got some leftover stew, I managed to get by with picking out the meat and eating that. Dax was even kind enough to donate his stew to the cause. That kid – after all he’s been through, he still has a good heart.

The end of our ordeal drew near when we saw an unfamiliar face at the door. A human male, which was unusual (most of Noako’s court were members of other races). He said that he was sent by a friend, and that he would try to get us released. More time passed, and he returned. In a hurry, I might add. I think his negotiations didn’t go as smoothly as he had hoped. But he did manage to get our door open, and we made a break for it. I wasn’t about to leave without my gear though (that battle armor was brand-new, and it makes me look like a legitimate bounty hunter), so we persuaded him to scout ahead for guards while we looked for our belongings. We managed to find the armory, reclaimed our possessions, and got out of there on a skiff that I quickly hotwired. Even though I was starved, injured, and in much need of a bath – I’ve still got it.

Imagine my surprise not to find the neon glow of Nar Shaddaa outside, but the fetid swamps of Nal Hutta. Those jerks took us offworld. And what’s more, Noako’s men spotted us on the way out and blasted the skiff until it was about to crash and burn. With no time to lose, we ditched the skiff in the swamp, ran up to some of the native Evocii and offered them a good amount of credits for a safe transport to the spaceport. They politely took less than half of what we were offering them, hid us in some cargo containers and made good on their word, shipping us all the way to Jiguna Spaceport.

So much for our big payday.



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