Misfits of the Fringe

Dax Private Journal
Entry 3

WOW has a lot happened since my last pseudo journal. I finally have some time to write, while we make our way to Raxus Prime. Where to start where to start. Oh how about the fact that that stoopa pilot wrecked our old ship and now we are all crammed into this “new” one that we were lucky enough to …liberate… from some rebel driods. I guess i shouldn’t be too hard on him, but I am just so angry that someone stole my battle droid _. At least i finished my probe droid, and we were able to liberate some junked droids from that horrible mining facility. Savrae seemed particularly happy about the chef droid, who we hope will have a better kitchen soon. We picked up a new companion along the way, Caine, I am glad he helped rescue me and Savrae from that hut, but I worry about him. Sometimes I think its great having him along but other times I feel he is no more than a … doompa D’emperiolo stoopa. I really hope he gets over that tho. Sigh… I can’t get over our most recent battle. We were on the way back to the ship and got attacked. It felt weird from the start but it turned out there was another person like me but he was fighting us. I was shocked, I know if it were me I would have stopped and talked to me, I would love the chance to meet another force sensitive, I know its dangerous for us to group, but I didn’t expect him to attack us. I dunno maybe he did wanna talk, but they killed him before he got the chance. I’m still mixed up about it. I want to talk about it with the others, but I can’t trust anyone but Savrae. But I can’t get any privacy in this new little echuta slankpa!!! Oh well, I will just have to try and keep my calm, and meditate. I am so happy i was able to expand my abilities some in prison by just relaxing staying calm and meditating. I definitely will work harder on expanding them more, we have some time before getting to Raxus, although i don’t know if i can find any room to get privacy. oh well, thats all i can squeeze in for now, I have to make sure nobody sees me typing in my journal. not that they could break my encryption but just to be safe.

Droids Galore
And me, with only one restraining bolt.

Like a kid in a candy shop.

Okay, as far as assignments go, this one was actually quite enjoyable. It began with a call from Durga, saying that he would need Alister to do some collections work. Pretty routine for a Hutt, really. Durga had recently purchased a mine, and was awaiting the first deposit of funds, but the payment never came. So, he hired us to go retrieve the credits. Said that we could keep 10% of what we brought him.

When we arrived at the mining facility, there was nobody there to greet us. On the bright side, that also means nobody was there to attack us. And then, I saw it. Lying in a heap of scrap metal, thrown away like common trash, there was a little Treadwell droid. He had obviously been scavenged, as he was missing his spot-welder, arc wrench, and one of his manipulators. It breaks my heart to see people discard droids so callously. Even if they’re not organic, they’re still sentient beings, and this little guy obviously needed some help. The crew was adamant about talking to the administrator of the mine first, though. So we headed inside.

What we found was nothing short of macabre. Bodies were strewn about the facility – all of them posed. Some at chairs, some at tables, and one poor guy stuck in the ‘fresher. And then Dax got one of those feelings – the kind that usually means there’s about to be trouble. Obviously, I couldn’t tell the others exactly why, but I warned them to be on alert. We cautiously searched the complex for any survivors, or for answers.

Our first such encounter was in the dining area, where a chef droid was making fresh, hot food. Delicious, tender bantha steaks, as a matter of fact. And he was using lots of spices, just like I like. Even though it probably wasn’t the most appetizing scenery, we couldn’t help but to take some of the meals that the droid was offering. After eating jerky for days, a real steak looks incredibly good.

And it was. SO good. Just like Mom used to make. Merci didn’t want hers, so Dax and I divvied it up. Seriously, it was the best meal I’ve had since Corellia. I knew that we couldn’t just leave him there, and I had wanted a cooking droid for the longest time. As much as I love dinner (and lunch, and breakfast, and elevenses), I’m not the best cook. I spent more time in the yards than in the kitchen. Priorities, you know. Plus, the droid was all mixed up about what had happened (he’d been serving food to… deceased gentlemen… for several meals, without realizing they were no longer among the living). Since it looked like he’d need some reprogramming no matter what, I put a restraining bolt on him and had Caine lead him to the ship.

Since we had to go to the ship anyhow, I went back outside for that Treadwell too. I couldn’t just leave him like that, waiting to rust in a garbage heap. I scooped him up and we dropped the droids off on our shuttle. Then, when we returned, we continued our search. There were lots of empty quarters, both for the overseers and the miners. When we found the control room, there was a protocol droid with a restraining bolt attached. We removed the bolt, and he introduced himself as 3D-4K. He had no recollection of what happened, but he said that he was an administrator for the facility, and after some persuasion, he provided us with all the information he had. While he was distracted, Dax sliced into the surveillance systems, and pulled up footage from two days ago.

Turns out there was a droid revolution, of sorts. Which became even more apparent when, while trying to get an astromech to repair a sabotaged storm generator, the little tin can opened up a blast door to a room filled with armed B-1 battle droids. I blasted one of them, but there were at least a dozen, so we turned and ran for the exit with the protocol droid in tow. Dax, Caine, and I returned to the shuttle, while Alister and Merci ran for an abandoned ship that we saw on the security feed. We managed to escape, but just barely. And then the other administrator droid hailed our shuttle and launched into a tirade about miners and the droid uprising. I wanted to go back for the miners’ sake, but there was no way of knowing if there actually were any humans left alive, and we didn’t have the firepower to overwhelm all of those battle droids.

So we returned to Durga. 3D-4K brought him a briefcase full of credits (168,000 in fact), and Durga was ecstatic. We got our 10%, as promised, so we ended up 16,800 credits richer for our troubles. And, on top of that, Caine even sweet-talked Durga’s majordomo into selling us that chef droid at a steep discount. I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to stock that tiny little galley of ours with as much steak as it can hold.

If I can start my day with a home-cooked meal, that’s enough to keep me going.

Exotic Cargo
Easy come, easy go.

Things never go smooth.

It seemed like a straightforward charter. Taxi work for a Rattataki woman and a few crates of weapons. As it turns out, she’s the second-in-command of a Hutt (not too surprising, considering she was booking passage to Nar Shaddaa). So we transport her quickly, and she offers us additional work. Says that her patron wants a rare animal, and that she made a deal with some people on Tatooine to obtain a baby Krayt Dragon and some eggs.

Well, as you can imagine, that’s far from our usual cargo. But she was offering quite a bit, and we were all running low on credits, so we took the job. Went to Tatooine, picked up the crates, and fought off a few hostile sand people on our way out. One of the incubators was broken, so I did a quick repair on it (quite well, I might add), and we were on our way. When we arrived on Nar Shaddaa, however, the port where we were slated to land was in flames. With a little investigation, we found out that a rival Hutt named Noako had launched an attack on Sinasu (our employer at the time). So we went to find the Rattataki woman, who had been hospitalized, and once she was out of the bacta tank, she told us where Sinasu’s safe house was.

We navigated down into the industrial sector, and found Sinasu and his men. Once we offloaded the Krayt dragon and the eggs, I approached Sinasu for our payment. It was then that a ship full of mercenaries flew in and stormed the facility. The last thing I remember was seeing a man in Mandalorian armor level his rifle and unleash a stun bolt.

When I came to, it was just me and Dax, locked in a dingy cell. Days passed, and I thought we were done for. Especially me. Dax, he can live on the kind of food they kept shoving into our gate, but that kind of stuff makes me sick. Our people just can’t eat everything that humans can. The few times that we got some leftover stew, I managed to get by with picking out the meat and eating that. Dax was even kind enough to donate his stew to the cause. That kid – after all he’s been through, he still has a good heart.

The end of our ordeal drew near when we saw an unfamiliar face at the door. A human male, which was unusual (most of Noako’s court were members of other races). He said that he was sent by a friend, and that he would try to get us released. More time passed, and he returned. In a hurry, I might add. I think his negotiations didn’t go as smoothly as he had hoped. But he did manage to get our door open, and we made a break for it. I wasn’t about to leave without my gear though (that battle armor was brand-new, and it makes me look like a legitimate bounty hunter), so we persuaded him to scout ahead for guards while we looked for our belongings. We managed to find the armory, reclaimed our possessions, and got out of there on a skiff that I quickly hotwired. Even though I was starved, injured, and in much need of a bath – I’ve still got it.

Imagine my surprise not to find the neon glow of Nar Shaddaa outside, but the fetid swamps of Nal Hutta. Those jerks took us offworld. And what’s more, Noako’s men spotted us on the way out and blasted the skiff until it was about to crash and burn. With no time to lose, we ditched the skiff in the swamp, ran up to some of the native Evocii and offered them a good amount of credits for a safe transport to the spaceport. They politely took less than half of what we were offering them, hid us in some cargo containers and made good on their word, shipping us all the way to Jiguna Spaceport.

So much for our big payday.

Into the Fray
A dangerous gambit.

It all started as a simple job…

But it didn’t stay that way for long. When Brek Dronos called with an assignment for Sovrae, she reluctantly agreed to his request. What he wanted was to find out who within the Pike Syndicate had defected to the Black Sun. One of his informants had compiled a list, but had disappeared before he could share his findings. So our heroes were sent in to retrieve the information from the missing informant’s computer.

Donning some technicians’ uniforms, they infiltrated the building, and Dax was able to pull the information from the target terminal without much difficulty. But in the process, he tripped an alarm, and soon they found themselves on the run from some very angry members of the Black Sun who were guarding the facility. Alister jumped into the pilot’s seat of an unattended airspeeder, the group filed into the back, and he led the henchmen on a thrilling chase through the skies of Coruscant.

When they finally lost their pursuers, the group met with Brek’s go-between, a Besalisk by the name of Chopper. He told them that one of the men on the list was currently in possession of a large amount of spice that belonged to the Pike, and offered the group a handsome reward to retrieve the traitor and the goods. Easier said than done when their quarry was a Nikto bounty hunter named Kaa’to.

They searched Kaa’to’s known hideouts, starting with a casino. They didn’t find any leads, but Alister did manage to win a decent amount of credits from the sabacc tables. From there, they checked a spice den, interrogating a deathstick dealer who supplied Kaa’to in the past. After some veiled and not-so-veiled threats, he revealed where Kaa’to had been hiding, and the heroes turned the dealer in to the local authorities. However, the Black Sun pursuers finally managed to locate the group, and they were brought in at blaster point for a “meeting”.

They were greeted by a local crime lord, who informed them that he was very interested in keeping the Nikto and the spice secure. Offering the party a deal they couldn’t refuse, he paid them 8,000 credits to cease their hunt immediately. Surrounded and outnumbered by the Black Sun’s forces, they were left with very few options, and took the payoff.

Sovrae reported these events to Brek, who refused to send in reinforcements and demanded that she finish the mission. So the group, breaking their agreement with the Black Sun, located Kaa’to and proceeded to capture him. They tracked him to an abandoned warehouse, fought waves of security droids, and accidentally triggered a thermal detonator trap that the crafty Nikto had set. After a long and nearly fatal showdown, they were able to secure their prisoner and his spice, returning both to the Pike Syndicate.

Now, only time will tell when the Black Sun will make their inevitable move to retaliate…

Dax Journal #2
Things are no longer looking up...

First time I have gotten to write in a while but boy has a lot happened…

And so, it begins...
Our heroes' first adventure.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Our unlikely heroes – a bounty hunter, a slicer, a pilot, and a medic – are striving to make ends meet. Their ship needs repairs, their debts must be paid, and the little that’s left helps put food in the galley for another week. Living on the fringe is a struggle.

But let’s start at the beginning, with a look at how the crew was formed.

Their first mission together was to escape Tatooine and the clutches of Teemo the Hutt. Sovrae Takaxo and Dax Qorbin, flown in for a special bounty hunting assignment, backed out immediately when Teemo made it clear that his target was not to be kept alive. Angered by this perceived insult, he ordered his guards to attack the impudent hunters. On the run, Sovrae and Dax ducked into a local cantina and managed to find a pilot – Alister Remex. The only problem was, well, Alister was a pilot without a ship. Fortunately, he knew where to acquire one…

The three evaded Teemo’s thugs along the way, fought through security droids, and finally met their match when they encountered two hostile squads of Sandtroopers. They needed medical attention, and fast. Going into a local clinic, they found the doctor was a captive, forced to work by Teemo, and offered a rescue in return for the healing they required.

Once the heroes were treated, they made their way to the spaceport where a Trandoshan slaver’s vessel was waiting. Armed with the equipment needed to repair the ship, and the muscle to overpower the slaver and his droids, they liberated the Krayt’s Fang and fled the planet. Unsure of their next step, yet in command of a formiadable vessel, the four spacers decided to form a crew.

And this, my friends, is how the adventure began.


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