Brek Dronos

I have you, and I know it.


Brek Dronos is the mysterious head of the Pike Syndicate, an underground criminal network that operates mainly in the Core Worlds. Little is known about Brek, even within his own organization, except for a select few colleagues. Sovrae Takaqo is counted among those few, but their particular circumstances skew the balance of power heavily in his favor.

During a fairly routine bounty mission on Coruscant, she inadvertently harmed a very influential figure. Her partner, who double-crossed her to steal the bounty, ultimately ended up taking the blame and being sent to Imperial prison. But one man, who was in the right place at the right time, happened to see exactly what transpired.

That man is Brek. Ever the opportunist, he regularly exploits Sovrae’s accident to coerce her into taking on dangerous work for the Syndicate. Manipulative and ruthless, he is best kept at arm’s length, for the truly unfortunate will end up under his thumb.

Brek Dronos

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