Misfits of the Fringe

Into the Fray

A dangerous gambit.

It all started as a simple job…

But it didn’t stay that way for long. When Brek Dronos called with an assignment for Sovrae, she reluctantly agreed to his request. What he wanted was to find out who within the Pike Syndicate had defected to the Black Sun. One of his informants had compiled a list, but had disappeared before he could share his findings. So our heroes were sent in to retrieve the information from the missing informant’s computer.

Donning some technicians’ uniforms, they infiltrated the building, and Dax was able to pull the information from the target terminal without much difficulty. But in the process, he tripped an alarm, and soon they found themselves on the run from some very angry members of the Black Sun who were guarding the facility. Alister jumped into the pilot’s seat of an unattended airspeeder, the group filed into the back, and he led the henchmen on a thrilling chase through the skies of Coruscant.

When they finally lost their pursuers, the group met with Brek’s go-between, a Besalisk by the name of Chopper. He told them that one of the men on the list was currently in possession of a large amount of spice that belonged to the Pike, and offered the group a handsome reward to retrieve the traitor and the goods. Easier said than done when their quarry was a Nikto bounty hunter named Kaa’to.

They searched Kaa’to’s known hideouts, starting with a casino. They didn’t find any leads, but Alister did manage to win a decent amount of credits from the sabacc tables. From there, they checked a spice den, interrogating a deathstick dealer who supplied Kaa’to in the past. After some veiled and not-so-veiled threats, he revealed where Kaa’to had been hiding, and the heroes turned the dealer in to the local authorities. However, the Black Sun pursuers finally managed to locate the group, and they were brought in at blaster point for a “meeting”.

They were greeted by a local crime lord, who informed them that he was very interested in keeping the Nikto and the spice secure. Offering the party a deal they couldn’t refuse, he paid them 8,000 credits to cease their hunt immediately. Surrounded and outnumbered by the Black Sun’s forces, they were left with very few options, and took the payoff.

Sovrae reported these events to Brek, who refused to send in reinforcements and demanded that she finish the mission. So the group, breaking their agreement with the Black Sun, located Kaa’to and proceeded to capture him. They tracked him to an abandoned warehouse, fought waves of security droids, and accidentally triggered a thermal detonator trap that the crafty Nikto had set. After a long and nearly fatal showdown, they were able to secure their prisoner and his spice, returning both to the Pike Syndicate.

Now, only time will tell when the Black Sun will make their inevitable move to retaliate…



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