Misfits of the Fringe

And so, it begins...

Our heroes' first adventure.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Our unlikely heroes – a bounty hunter, a slicer, a pilot, and a medic – are striving to make ends meet. Their ship needs repairs, their debts must be paid, and the little that’s left helps put food in the galley for another week. Living on the fringe is a struggle.

But let’s start at the beginning, with a look at how the crew was formed.

Their first mission together was to escape Tatooine and the clutches of Teemo the Hutt. Sovrae Takaxo and Dax Qorbin, flown in for a special bounty hunting assignment, backed out immediately when Teemo made it clear that his target was not to be kept alive. Angered by this perceived insult, he ordered his guards to attack the impudent hunters. On the run, Sovrae and Dax ducked into a local cantina and managed to find a pilot – Alister Remex. The only problem was, well, Alister was a pilot without a ship. Fortunately, he knew where to acquire one…

The three evaded Teemo’s thugs along the way, fought through security droids, and finally met their match when they encountered two hostile squads of Sandtroopers. They needed medical attention, and fast. Going into a local clinic, they found the doctor was a captive, forced to work by Teemo, and offered a rescue in return for the healing they required.

Once the heroes were treated, they made their way to the spaceport where a Trandoshan slaver’s vessel was waiting. Armed with the equipment needed to repair the ship, and the muscle to overpower the slaver and his droids, they liberated the Krayt’s Fang and fled the planet. Unsure of their next step, yet in command of a formiadable vessel, the four spacers decided to form a crew.

And this, my friends, is how the adventure began.



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